Mobile apps for events, exhibitions  and conferences.

Improve engagement and help attendees maximise their time by giving them the perfect tool for your event. 

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Reasons to go mobile

Improve their experience

Make it easy for you attendees to navigate around your event, easily see who is on and where, and quickly find facilities.

Real-time communication

Keep your attendees engaged during the event by sending notifications direct to their mobile phone.


All of your attendees have at least one thing in common - You.
Add our social plug-in for all your attendees to chat before, during and after your event.

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Improving your attendee's experience

Give your attendees everything that they need, at the tap of a finger, to keep your event running smoothly.

Timelines, facilities, maps. All these things will help attendees navigate around your event and have the better experience.

30 day free trial, no card required

Increase sales enquiries for pitches at your event.

Every event sells pitches. Whether you are a festival selling bar and retail space, or an exhibition selling expo stands to businesses.

Increase leads through your mobile app by adding a lead generation form and all the information they need to know before applying.

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Increase partnership sales and enquiries
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Building a community has never been easier.

Your attendees have at least one thing in common - YOU.

Give them a place to meet before, during and after your event.

Creating a community will massively increase your word of mouth marketing and brand awareness.

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Keep your attendees up to date with real-time notifications

Push notifications are an amazing way to market to your event followers.

To name a few reasons, you can:

- Increase ticket sales
- Build up a hype
- Navigate attendees, to areas of your event

- Publish news and updates

30 day free trial, no card required

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Managing Your App Has Never Been Easier

PushNote's app dashboard puts the power in your hands.

Powerful app builder

iOS, Android & PWA

Unlimited customisation

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