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Marketing is in a state of constant change, and new ways of reaching out to potential customers is an important part of any business marketing strategy. One of the most notable differences today is the amount of time people spend looking at their mobile phones. This is why push notifications are leading the way in getting attention, and bringing in new customers for savvy brands.

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are messages that brands send to mobile phones. They are similar to a text message, but there are differences. Push notifications are short, and encourage users to click through to the brand's app where you can have them do practically anything you want with many call to action choices. It provides a direct way to communicate with the audience or fans of your brand.

Another key difference is that users see SMS from businesses as spam marketing now, so if you want to send direct marketing to mobile phone devices - push notifications are your answer.

How effective are Push Notifications?

Research by Xtify, part of IBM, shows that open rates for push notifications are higher than other forms of direct marketing, such as email. In fact, it has been shown to have a 40% interaction rate while email click through rates average around 5.4%.

Push notifications are there to promote a brand, but they also add to the overall user experience. For example, someone who uses a cooking app may be exited to receive the latest recipes or tips. Or, a push notification can let someone know when their delivery will arrive, be it a parcel from courier or take-away food.

You are also able to use personalisation to send relevant notifications to users, based on their buying history or interests when they signed up for your app. For example, if a customer ordered a particular product or service through your app, sending them a discount code for other complimentary products or services would bring an increase conversion over a random notification about your brand.

When done well, push notifications not only benefit the user, but also helps a brand create an ongoing relationship with them – a marketing dream!

How to start sending Push Notifications

To begin engaging with your audience using push notifications, you need to have a mobile app for your brand, and long gone are the days where app creation was an expensive and complicated option. Now, businesses of all sizes and stages of growth are finding app creation easy and affordable, with some offering monthly subscription service. Once your app is up and running, sending notifications to your customers is free!

Push notifications are an asset to your business, so if you have never considered a brand mobile app before, now it the time to do so.

Here at PushNote, we have a range of subscriptions and start-up packages for any kind of business. If you have lots of ideas but not sure how to start, we’re here to help!

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