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Does your business need an app in 2020?

If you’re launching a brand new business in 2020, you’ll very likely be relying on high-tech but user-friendly solutions in a way that would have been unthinkable little more than a decade ago. In fact, everyday business tasks and challenges are now less daunting than ever before thanks to the widespread evolution of tech across multiple industries.

And there’s one big reason for this: the ubiquitous smartphone.

It seems as if smartphones and other smart mobile devices have been around forever, but before 2007’s iPhone, people – and businesses – were chained to laptops and desktop computers to run their businesses. And to physical cables to get them connected to the internet.

But mobile technology has revolutionised the business world – and continues to do so – in almost every area of businesses. Now we can complete almost any business task, whether it’s sales, marketing, admin or accounting, from anywhere via our mobile devices.

Companies like iZettle – the first business to develop a chipcard reader that works via a mobile app – have utterly transformed the point-of-sale experience for entrepreneurs and customers alike, meaning people can do business anywhere there’s a phone signal.

Admin has been made simpler and far less time-consuming with solutions such as expense apps like Rydoo or Expensify. No more faded receipts in shoe boxes, no more fiddly PDFs, and no more lost printouts with poorly stapled receipts. Nope, expenses can be as simple as the click of a phone camera, and the entering of a few details. Save your time, saves your employees’ time.

Similarly, high street shops today nearly all have apps. Bringing everything they can can into one place, giving convenience to their customers and showing them that they are investing into them as a consumer. Mobile apps give so much more to the customer, features that websites and social media lack.

So it’s clear that mobile apps are a key tool for any new business, whether it’s for sales, marketing, payments or day-to-day admin. Whether you’re looking for greater efficiency, or after a marketing push, there’ll be an app to help you out. They’re as important – if not more so – than your website. But developing an effective mobile app for your organisation can be a daunting challenge.

But just like website builders like Squarespace or Wix have empowered businesses big and small to create their own websites without specific web development skills, now mobile app development is changing.

Now, those without big budgets or any coding experience can build their own mobile apps with platforms like PushNote. Just as platforms like Squarespace democratised websites, these mobile app platforms make it easy to build bespoke mobile apps using pre-designed templates and features. And with the ability to send your own push notifications, it’s a powerful and crucial marketing tool for any business – because you’re putting your product in the one place where everyone’s guaranteed to see it: their mobile phone screens.

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