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Pull your business into 2020 by truly going mobile.

Ever feel like your business is playing catch up? If you are seeking to establish an online presence in today's world, and have not thought about launching your own mobile app, you may be missing a trick.

A website can act as a functional online home, but how much will it make you stand out from the crowd? Social media is another 'box ticked', but it does not necessarily differentiate you from your competitors. A mobile app can give you the edge over competitors, and allow you to pull your business into today's world - in this article, we lay out the benefits of investing in a mobile app.

Up your customer engagement

If your objective is to encourage customers along the customer journey - from a lead to a conversion and ultimately a sale - your primary tool for growth will be engagement. A mobile app can prove to be game-changing in terms of engagement; a direct marketing channel which allows you to communicate directly with existing and potential customers. You can use it to run promotions, reward programmes, and to learn more about your customers and what they want from a product or service.


If you are baulking at the potential cost of a mobile app, maybe you shouldn't. That's because, in the current era of technology, development companies have engaged in a price war which has seen the cost of having a mobile app come down significantly. They can also be designed, developed and brought to market in a short space of time, offering you the bonus of a quick turn around. Once you start to realise the benefits that your app is bringing to the table, the return on your investment will become clear.

Build brand recognition

Building a strong brand is not just an objective for large corporations. Even if you are operating in a small local area or market place, having brand recognition can certainly help when it comes to growing your customer base. Staying on a device which we typically use every day - our smartphone - a business mobile app can offer a boost for your brand, having a much greater impact than display advertising, or short term online ad campaigns. If you want to get your brand noticed, an app can go a long way to sticking in the minds of customers.

Engender loyalty

Loyalty isn't something which you can purchase as a 'quick fix' - it must be cultivated over time. Having a business app gives you an ideal method of constantly offering something of value to your clients. It might be a discount, an informative blog, or a fun video - the key is that you are constantly offering your customers something of worth, which can be a sure-fire way to engender loyalty.

An app isn't only a luxury for deep-pocket corporations anymore, they are an affordable necessity for any business which seeks to have a presence online. Is it time you gave your business an edge with a mobile app? Revolutionise your business in the eyes of 2020.

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