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Why mobile apps are a must for businesses in 2020 and beyond

The trend towards customer engagement moving online has been unmistakable over the last few years. Companies have realised that having an effective website is no longer enough. Potential customers wanted to be able to engage with brands on social media, brand values suddenly needed to be explicable in the length of a single Tweet and powerful images became a huge asset for brands reaching new audiences on Instagram. And now, increasingly, forward-looking companies are starting to understand the value of having their own dedicated mobile apps.

At first glance, companies setting up their own mobile apps might seem like an extension of the social media craze- yet another platform for a busy brand to try and keep up with. However, there are many benefits a company can reap by having its own mobile app, beyond just upping sales.

Long lived consumer engagement The best brands don’t end their customer engagement after the point of purchase. Maintaining a relationship with your customer through an app can be an excellent way to build loyalty and gain repeat purchases. Apps can offer an easy medium by which to track customer loyalty schemes or track 'refer a friend' codes and rewards. Get feedback, and act on it No business can ignore the prevalence of online review sites. From trust pilot to TripAdvisor, there are plenty of ways your customers can share their thoughts on your service with the wider world. Having a mechanism within your app that allows your customers to give feedback directly to you provides a way for them to feel valued. You can tailor more personal responses, and you might actually gain some really useful insights that help you shape your company going forward. Build a great business app, on your terms If you’ve decided that an app might help your company, but aren’t sure how to proceed - that’s where we can help. With a simple monthly subscription plan, you can get access to our incredibly easy to use mobile app building platform. Just like you might use WordPress to build and run your website, we provide a similar tool for mobile apps! You don't need any coding experience. In fact, our service is deliberately designed to help small and medium-sized business owners get their own app without being charged over the odds by a commercial app development company out to make money. Great designs no matter what your business We know that one size definitely doesn’t fit all when it comes to having a great app for your company. This means that we have worked to find a solution that will help you get exactly what you need out of your app - whether you sell coffee or ceramics or if you’re a personal trainer or a florist. You can browse our templates, and then work out exactly how to build and tweak the app to make it work for you. To find out more about the plans we offer, visit our website and explore the range of app templates perfect for your company or event. Otherwise, get in touch with our team who can provide great advice and insights into what kind of mobile app might work best for your company.

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