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Will exhibitions ever be the same post-coronavirus?

Will exhibitions ever be the same post-coronavirus? No.

And this is why…

Businesses and economies across the globe have been forced into an uncertain climate, something we never could’ve predicted. It’s been widely reported that we’re heading into what will probably be the worst financial crisis of our time, and things are going to change. Big time.

With a lack of clear guidance from the government, each business is scrambling to create and impose policies to move forward. All while fearing of putting a step wrong and being publicly scrutinised on the internet.

Exhibitions and large-scale events are amongst the hardest hit already, with no return to normality in sight.

So, it’s time to change the game. Imagine, there is one tool that is going to completely revolutionise the events industry.

It’s the day of your event, months of preparation and coordination have gone into today. Your attendees have already been notified the day before of the exciting day ahead of them, with reminders of ‘How to Get Here’ and ‘Your Itinerary for the Event’.

That morning, your attendees begin to flood in. There’s no long line at the registration desk for confusing maps and other marketing materials.

Most of your attendees already know each other because they’ve been speaking with this tool, organising to meet for a coffee beforehand or to catch up over lunch. No physical pleasantries required.

Time is money at events like these. Companies send their elite members of the sales team to represent them and a huge part of their marketing budget is allocated to exhibition stands and the collateral that goes with them. Which is why it comes in particularly useful that your attendees have already prioritised which businesses they want to see first with a tap of their finger.

Find out the stand number, information about the company, where the stand is located in the exhibition space and which representatives are at the stand, all prior to the event.

But it’s not just individual businesses and appointments that are able to be researched and planned in advance. Attendees are able to read up on each Speaker at the event and decide whether or not to invest their time beforehand.

The day is planned meticulously, allowing maximum capacities to be put in place in advance as well as avoiding disappointment on the day.

In one tool your attendees can socialise with each other, maximising time and business opportunities, all in one place. In the same tool you can maximise your revenue, with additional exposure for both the Speakers and businesses at your event.

And that’s not all. In that same tool, you can communicate with push notifications direct to everyone’s mobile phone.

Send notifications to all of your attendees’ phones, informing them of an upcoming scheduled event, such as a Speaker that they’ve registered to see and how to get to the stage.

All this is available with PushNote. We’re here to help you create new and innovative ways to relaunch your business in the industries that will be forced to adapt to change in the coming months.

With our easy-to-use platform, you can build a stunning mobile app without any coding skills. A simple piece of software that allows you to bring everything that your businesses offers into one place - your clients’ and customers’ pockets.

Unlike websites and mobile app developers, who require days in advance to make changes, you can log into our straightforward platform, make the changes you want and hit save. As easy as that. And the next time your client or customer opens the app, your changes are there.

This is the new normal. Safe, streamlined and customised.

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